About Safe Cinemas

Everyone loves movies. Movies are brilliant. The Shawshank Redemption to Mean Girls, cinema has a special place in everyone’s’ hearts. However, going to the cinema – something the majority of people take for granted – is something that a lot of neuroatypical individuals find difficult.

My name is Lauryn Green, and I am a student from Sheffield. We’re lucky in our city to have a lot of different options of cinemas, but my research has shown that a great majority of people who would benefit from autism-friendly screenings have never been to one. The reason for this? Because people don’t feel like cinema staff understand their needs and they don’t feel their needs are accommodated for anyway.

It is so disappointing to me as a student of the British Film Industry’s Audience Academy that so many individuals don’t feel like they can access their local cinemas because of their mental and neurological health.

I want to combat this and bring cinema back to people who feel like it isn’t for them anymore. Cinema is for everyone, and I want to make it accessible for everyone too.


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