Handmade Cinema, Matilda, and Ticket Giveaway

Good news, friends! I want to say thank you to you all, for how much you’ve helped me in making Safe Cinemas happen. So, to say thank you, Safe Cinemas has teamed up with Handmade Cinema. This is what they have to say, because they can definitely explain better than me what they’re about!

Handmade Cinema is an award winning community cinema that transforms the way you watch film. We screen classic films in immersive environments and host film-related workshops, allowing family audiences to interact with film in a more engaging way. 

With craft activities, decorated environments, live music, themed food and interactive workshops, Handmade Cinema screenings shun traditional one-dimensional cinema experiences and transform familiar films…”

Currently, they’re hosting lots of fun events like writing competitions and art sessions to get everyone excited for their Matilda screening this April Fools Day. But this is no April Fools; no, the magical, spectacular screening is very much real.

Matilda is, I believe, the superhero of the outsider. As a little girl, I loved Matilda, because she was like me. She liked to read and had a big vocabulary for her age, but found dealing with other people difficult. I remember that the first time I read Roald Dahl’s book, I would build little contraptions so that I could move my foot and make a plastic cup fall over so I could pretend to be Matilda too. Now, the song Quiet from Tim Minchin’s musical adaptation plays on a loop when I work. I love it.

And that’s why I’m so unbelievably excited to tell you about the surprise I’ve been hinting about on the Facebook Page for a while. That’s right, thanks to Handmade Cinema and their generosity, I have fifteen (15) FREE tickets to the interactive screening! That’s 15 tickets for kids, and 15 for a parent/carer of each child.

So, how do you claim yours before they get snatched up? Easy!

  1. Click here: https://www.tickettailor.com/checkout/view-event/id/83083/chk/63a2
  2. Click on the Safe Cinema Member (+parent/carer) ticket and select 1
  3. Enter the discount code MATILDA

And that’s it! If you want extra tickets, for other siblings and parents, you’ll have to pay the full £6 each for them. You can find out more details about the event on the Handmade Cinema website

Stay safe, friends. And enjoy your tickets! Tell me all about it, and take lots of pictures to show me because I’m off to America on Tuesday to visit space museums and talk about corrugated take-off launchers to disinterested fellow travellers! Wish me luck, and if you’re from across the pond, let me know what you would recommend I do while I’m over in NYC and Washington!


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