Is the new Fidget Cube craze worth it?


If you’re on Facebook, you must have seen it advertised. It’s been everywhere, highly anticipated, and the subject of knock-offs before the official thing even became available. So, now it’s out, we’ve got out hands on one. Let us tell you the lowdown before you rush to buy one. Is it worth it?

How is it?

Firstly, the simple answer is, yes. Yes it is. It can fit in your hand, it’s possibly more discrete than other fidgets, and because it’s so popular, there isn’t that same stigma that comes with a lot of fidget tools.


How much is it?

Well, that’s debatable. The official Fidget Cube is $22.00 and available at Antsy Labs. This is the original design, coming from Kickstarter, and crowdfunded. However, that’s a lot. It’s worth it to know you’re supporting the creators, but we’re aware that is a lot of money. On Amazon, you can purchase a similar one (the one we opted for) for £5.46 by SanWay.


The Sides

The Switch: a little squeaky on ours. This might not be an issue with the official one, and might get less pronounced with use, but might be frustrating.

The Button: very relaxing. Nice for fast-moving hands, and definitely help with my own tendency to bounce by channelling the movement into this.

The Dice: five little buttons to press that make noise. The noise, for me, is not an option when I’m in public, but is really satisfying. Just be aware, this is one of the auditory features.

The Ball and Safe Dials: the safe dials were quite stiff when it arrived, but do get more moveable with time. Tip: roll the dials with the pads of the fingers, not the nails. The silver ball might be my favourite feature: silent, relaxing, and cool to the touch.

The Disc: this is the feature I like least, because my fingers move too fast to find this slow, rhythmic turning very relaxing. The things I can move fast, the button and the ball, are more to my speed. But if you like slower stimming, this is for you.

The Fingerprint: this. Is. Magic. I don’t know how it works, but I know that there is something about this that works. Pressing the pad of your finger to this indent is meant to help level breathing. Perhaps it’s just a placebo, but it’s a brilliant quick calming.

So, is it worth it?

Yeah, definitely. It really depends on how you stim, but it seems to have something for everyone. Whether you get the original or an off brand one, just make sure the one you order is legitimate, because there have been reports of scams because of the popularity of these. You don’t want to end up disappointed when it never arrives but you’re charged anyway!



Perhaps you’re not into the Fidget Cube. That’s cool, there’s loads of other hand tools you can get.

For fast-movers: Spinners. They move fast, smoothly, and keep you moving.

For puzzlers: Twist and Lock blocks. If you’re looking for something to actually focus on, this might be for you.

For repetitive thinkers: Tangles are your friend. They’ve been around for ages, are reliable, and usually made of smooth plastic.

Therapy Shoppe is a good source of every kind of fidget you could imagine, and Amazon is brilliant. Another great place to find fidgets are the pocket money toy sections of places like The Works, where twist and lock bricks and stress balls are plentiful and cheap.


Stay safe, friends. x



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