Resolutions for a happier you

Happy New Year everyone! The (often dismal) year of 2016 is behind us and we’re looking forward to a 2017 filled with fun, friends, and (our personal favourite) new movies! We’ve got the live action Beauty and the Beast, the new Guardians of the Galaxy, and Star Wars VIII.

But between all that, finding time to make yourself feel fulfilled and well is important, and we’ve come up with 5 New Year’s resolutions to get you thinking that won’t up with unused gym memberships and a Fitbit still in its box and showing a perpetual 0 steps.

  1. Keep track of meds and moods. The app BoosterBuddy is great for this. You can get reminders for medication, complete little tasks throughout the day, and track your mood as well as letting you do activities specialised for you and helping you make an emergency plan. The little animal mascot can seem a little silly, but it can definitely help to give you something to do for you everyday.
  2. “Make no a complete sentence” – as Amy Poehler says. Sometimes, we feel pressured to agree to things we don’t want to, or make excuses. Try and make 2017 the year you make “no” a full sentence (nicely, of course).
  3. Do some exercise. I know, I know. I’m sorry. I thought if I sandwiched it between the other ideas it wouldn’t seem so bad. People love saying “oh, you wouldn’t be so sad/anxious/etc. if you just exercised”, and whilst that’s both patronising and a huge oversimplification, taking up some sport can introduce you to new friends, combat loneliness, and give you a routine that can help people suffering from agoraphobia have an incentive to get out. Plus, huge health and mental perks too.
  4. Read a book with a neuroatypical character. It sounds silly, but for a lot of people, having a fictional character who is relatable is a huge sense of comfort. I cannot recommend The Rest Of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness highly enough.
  5. And lastly, seek help if you need it. It’s sometimes hard to admit you need help, admit the help you’re getting isn’t working, or get up the courage to actually go and seek a person who can offer support. But whether the person you confide in is a friend, a loved or trusted one, or a GP, help is out there. You just need to be brave enough to go and find it.


Have a wonderful 2017, and we can’t wait for you to see what we have in store this year! It’s going to be a great year! Let us know your resolutions in comments, or tweet us at @SafeCinemas

Stay safe, friends. x


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