Welcome to Safe Cinemas! We hope to bring the cinema experience to those who often feel unwelcome at their local cinemas because of their neurological or mental disabilities. There’s a film for everyone, and everyone should have the opportunity to go and see it on the big screen.

I  am a Sheffield student who has a lot of experience both within the cinema industry and mental health education. Though most of the local cinemas in Sheffield do offer autism-friendly screenings, there is so much more to be done.

I invite you to help me in my endeavours to make the cinema experience more inclusive, and can’t wait to hear your feedback.


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Shows making strides: The Good Doctor

Based on the Korean drama of the same name, The Good Doctor is an American medical drama about a young surgical resident, Dr Shaun Murphy (played by the Freddie Highmore who – if you grew up at the same time as me – probably dominated the cinema you watched) who is seeking to prove himself at his new job as a paediatric surgeon at San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital.

Portrayal Picture Show – Power Rangers (2017)

Hands up who watched Power Rangers when they were younger? I remember narrating the stories for other kids to act out in the playground, running around in P.E. bibs the colour of their chosen ranger. Pink was always an issue because we never had pink bibs on hand. I can’t actually remember how we ever resolved that issue. However, this article isn’t about my playground escapades as a child, it’s about this year’s Power Rangers reboot which is (in my humble opinion) really freaking awesome.

Tips for making friends at uni when you have a disability – and how to be a good friend to a disabled person

Obviously, this isn’t something everyone who is disabled will experience; heck, some of us are the biggest socialites out there! But sometimes, things like autism spectrum conditions or selective mutism can make making friends more difficult. So, here’s a list of 3 things that might make that easier. And, after that, 3 tips for people who aren’t disabled for being good friends to people they meet at university who are disabled.

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